Get Lean with Keto Diet and Matcha Green Tea

Do you want to have a flatter stomach and leaner body? I do, too! If you have searched online for solutions then you probably heard of Ketogenic diet (or Keto) and Matcha green tea to be the latest fad.

How did the Keto diet and Matcha green tea become popular in losing weight?

Let’s get a little bit scientific here. Your body burns carb to supply you the energy that you need to do your daily activities such as walking, running, climbing the stairs, and working out. If you eat too much carb, your body will store the un-burned carb as fat. The principle behind Keto diet is that if you take low carb, high fat, and moderate protein diet, your body will be deprived of carbs and as a result, your body will be forced to burn the stored fats to convert into energy. That’s how you will get a flatter tummy and slimmer body. Yey!Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder by Enzo Full with Strong Milky Flavour, Easy to Dissolve in Hot Water. Perfect for Latte, Ice cream, waffles and baking (Black Label)


What about Matcha tea? Isn’t that the one used as a flavoring in commercial milk tea?

Yes, that’s the one. Matcha tea is a type of green tea that contains antioxidants called “catechin” that are associated with burning fat and anti-aging process. This special type of tea is also low in carb, which makes it more appealing to Keto diet practitioners.

Though natural Matcha green tea helps your body burn fat, you should also be careful when buying in stores. Some brands of powdered Matcha tea contain more sugar because some people like sweetened tea. So, it’s always a good practice to check the nutritional facts first.

Here are some tips. Choose the one with stevia instead of sugar. It’s also better if it was grown in Japan because it’s more organic and less exposed to pesticides. Green Tea Powder

If you’re serious in transforming your body or you just want to be healthy, you can try Keto diet and Matcha tea. But don’t forget to consult your personal doctor first just to be safe. Combine Keto diet and Matcha tea with a good old workout, and you’ll definitely achieve your goal in no time.